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Grasswood Modern Acreage Farmhouse
Modern Net Zero Farmhouse
Modern Net Zero Farmhouse
Modern Farmhouse Entry
Vaulted Modern Wood Ceiling
Vaulted Wood Ceiling
Modern Farmhouse
Vaulted Fireplace
Angled Windows Flanking Fireplace
Modern Bright Fireplace Facade
Angled Windows
Wood Waterfall Countertop
Bright Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Modern Farmhouse Skylight
Butcher Block Countertop
Butcher Block Farmhouse Sink
White Chevron Tile
Grasswood Modern Acreage Farmhouse

This client wanted to build a modern style farmhouse home where they  could entertain guests, have plenty of space for their horses and gardening needs, and lots of room to raise their family. One of their biggest goals for the home was for it to be Net Zero, or as energy efficient as possible, while still providing ample views that Grasswood's has to offer. 

This stunning home was built to 0.9 air changes per hour (ACPH), which means it is well beyond the standard 2.5 ACPH for standard construction, and well beyond the Net Zero requirement of 1.5, and close to Passive House standard (0.6).

Built with our double wall construction and an R80 attic, this home is super insulated and air tight, guaranteed to keep their family cozy and warm during Saskatchewan's cold winter months. 

Design and Energy Modelling by Vereco Smart Green Homes
Built by Capilano Homes Vereco Licensed Builder

The interior design of this home was a collaborative effort with Capilano and the client. We are so pleased with how this house turned out! 


3D Renderings

Providing you a clear vision of how your home is going to look and feel like, before a single wall is built. 

With all of our custom home projects, 3D modelling is a tool we use to create our energy modelling data, as well as a design tool. 

We use 3D modelling to provide a clear visual concept of how the exterior, and interior is going to look. 

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