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Financing Services 


Smart Green Design 

We develop the floor plan with you and our design team to ensure all of your form, function and energy efficient needs are met.

This includes exterior design development - Where the details of your home aesthetics, function and passive solar heating design are created and refined.

Our energy team then provides you with a detailed Energy Model that shows you the projected annual energy consumption of your new home, compared to a National Building Code constructed home. 

On average our homes are 50-60% more energy efficient than NBC constructed homes. 

Contact us and we'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and learn more about your new home project. 

Construction Drawings

Once you have signed off on the Smart Green Design, we proceed to construction drawings.


We send out requests for proposals through our Vereco Licensed Builders to provide you with the best quality, price and timeline for your new home build. 


Mechanical System Design

We like to think of the mechanical system in our homes like the lungs of the building.

We design the system according to the buildings size and design, ensuring it’s performing as efficient and economical as possible.

This includes a single line engineering diagram and advising our Vereco Licensed Builder and/or Mechanical Subcontractor. 



Smart Build -Builder Selection 

Deciding who is going to be the best builder for your home is a big a decision, which is why we’ve spent years working with talented builders and educating them on our building science.

Once they have passed our audit process they become what we call a Vereco Licensed Builder.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve designed a builder selection matrix, outlining all of your top requirements so you can easily see how each builder is performing in the bidding process.

Administration of the builder contract is created and we are ready to build! 



Smart Build -Solar  Selection 

Solar systems are part and parcel with every energy efficient home.


We help you find the right supplier for you, with the best price for the highest quality of installation and warranty. 


Interior Design 

This is where all of your inspiration ideas for your home come to life, through reflected ceiling plans outlining any special ceiling treatments along with all lighting, switch and outlet placements.

Kitchen design package, custom feature wall design, bathroom vanity design, interior material selection and interior colour palette. Exterior material selection included in package.  


Our interior design team ensures all design elements are working cohesively together and meet your design style, budget and quality requirements. 


Professional Styling 

Need help putting it all together?


As an extension to the interior design package, we also offer professional styling services. 

Designed to help you make every space feel like home.


Styling services include:

Furniture selection, artwork and decor selection, set up and install. 


Eco Retrofit

Love your existing home but need to retrofit?

We start our eco retrofit process with a baseline Energuide energy audit. 

That way we can see exactly how your home is performing and can verify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements 

Just like our smart build process, we send out a request for proposal with our  Vereco Licensed Builders to provide you with competitive pricing. 

Once the retrofit is complete we conduct a post construction Energuide energy audit to measure performance. 

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