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Preliminary Design

The design phase is most important when considering an energy efficient, custom home. The choices you make in the design phase will influence the project all the way through until you move in. There are many factors we will want to plan and discuss. 

      ​Your Vision

  • What do you want in your home?

  • Size requirements?

  • Style, finishing and features?

  • Location?


  • How energy efficient do you want your home to be?

  • Is certification desired?

  • Are specific technologies favoured?

  • How will location impact design? 


  • What is your project budget?

  • What are the financial implications of design choices?

  • How can we save money through efficiency improvements?

Floor Plans and Specifications

Our Vereco stock plans often serve as a good starting point, or many customers choose to build a completely custom home. Vereco may assist in developing concept floor plans, or you may choose to spend time with our award winning design studio partner. 

In addition to a floor plan concept, detailed specifications are also prepared listing requirements in terms of materials to be used, how a requirement is to be achieved and how a product is to be constructed. Detailed specifications are also used by our drafting and construction team in preparing construction plans and in the bidding process. 

Energy Modeling


Vereco's homes are leaders in energy efficiency. In order to forecast energy consumption of a home prior to its construction, we undertake an energy modeling process based on the floor plan concept. This process helps to ensure your efficiency and cost saving goals are met and determines optimal investments in energy saving technologies to maximize your return on investment.

Construction Plans


Once you are happy with the preliminary design concept, detailed construction plans are prepared by our award winning design studio partner which will be used for permitting and construction.

From here, we commence the Vereco Smart Build process to turn the plans into reality.

Getting Started


If building a Smart Green home has been an interest to you whether it be now or in the future, or you simply want to learn about us and how we work, we encourage reaching out to us. It's completely free of charge and with zero strings attached.


This also gives you an opportunity to learn more about us, what makes our homes  and process unique, and to decide whether you would like to proceed.

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