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Vereco Consulting & Design

Contact Vereco for your consulting and design needs. We help with project management, project quality and site assurance, energy modelling, carbon modelling, Indigenous community buildings, Indigenous housing, government funding for your project and more!

New Housing Development

Project Quality and Site Assurance

An Energy Efficient build requires expertise on installation for many factors throughout the building process. If you are interested in having a 3rd party report to check your energy efficient build is meeting the specifications that you require, please contact us for rates and scheduling. 

Project Management

Our team includes project managers that can help your energy efficient project stay on-track by guiding the project team to ensure the project stays on time and that you keep informed. 

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Energy Modelling

Our team can model your building project to estimate and optimize the energy performance.  

Work with us to design your space or bring your own design, we take the whole building system into account when modelling energy performance. Let us optimize your building’s energy use with our Smart Green approach, making improvements where they have the most impact. 

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Carbon Modelling

Carbon modelling can help reduce your footprint by identifying high-emissions products or processes in your building project during the design phase and selecting lower-carbon alternatives, reducing the long term costs of offsets or emissions taxes.

All Hands In

Indigenous Community Buildings

New build or retrofit, our team can help design energy efficient gathering spaces for your community. Get in touch today to explore design, engineering and consulting options for your project. 


If your Indigenous community is seeking a partner to design a building for your community, homes, or more. Please contact us.  


Please also see our Government Funding Applications and Proposal services as there may be third party funding opportunities for your project. 

Indigenous Housing

New homes built on site, RTMs, or retrofits, together, we can meet your community’s housing needs with energy efficient designs that bring considerable savings throughout their life.  


Check out our Mother Earth Dwellings (link) or get in touch to learn about our offerings or to see if your project may qualify for third-party funding opportunities. 

Construction of New Modular House

Government Funding Applications and Proposals 

The Government of Canada has many programs for Indigenous and remote communities to improve energy performance within their communities.  


Please contact us if you are interested in application assistance for programs such as CMHC RHI (Rapid Housing Initiative), net-zero development projects, Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) programs and other programs. 

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