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'Best Custom Home 1500-2200 sqft 2019' - SHRBA Building Excellence Awards 

This client wanted to build a craftsmen style home that was cohesive with their neighborhood, and as energy efficient as possible given their East-West orientation.

This charming home was built to 0.69 air changes per hour (ACPH), which means it is well beyond the standard 2.5 ACPH for standard construction, and well beyond the Net Zero requirement of 1.5, and close to Passive House standard (0.6).

We designed this home with R40 exterior walls, an R80 attic, and double 2x4 wall construction to reduce thermal bridging. To construct the home, we specified FSC certified lumber, non-VOC paints, and water efficient plumbing fixtures, including drain water heat recovery.

Sustainable energy efficient housing – meets attractive architecture and design. 
You really can have it all! 

We are so thrilled that one of our Vereco Smart Green Home design-builds won the Saskatoon Region Home Builders Association Award for ‘Best Custom Home 1500-2200 sqft 2019’ as part of the SHRBA Building Excellence Awards!

It is extremely humbling and exciting to receive this award along side Evermore Homes who was the Vereco Licensed Builder for this project, and BLDG studios, our design partner for the exterior.

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