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Smart Green Fox Box
the cabin redefined

The Smart Green Fox Box is inspired by the endless potential of modern design and construction. We create stunning, energy efficient cabins and development projects, conscientiously built for enjoying life.


Design your community in your own way with prefabricated, semi-finished units designed for fast and easy construction by a lake, deep in a forest, at the edge of a field, or anywhere you want it!

Please fill out a brief questionnaire to let us know what you have in mind for your Smart Green Fox Box community

Ready to design your Smart Green Fox Box community?  

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This Box is Green

Abundance of natural light

30 - 50% more energy efficient than Canada’s current NBC


Floor-to-ceiling windows in every unit 


Quick construction with SIPs


Reduced Material Waste - wall panels, windows and other features designed with standard material sizes in mind


Community cluster concept with detached suites and shared main lodge

Beautiful Boxes 

SGFB 5 Suite

211101 suite 2.jpg

SGFB 8 Bunkhouse

Cabin 8 Exterior Window Wall (1).jpg

SGFB 10 Lodge

Bunk House Cabin best overhang 4 2022-01-10 16401400000-2 (1).jpg

The Smart Green Fox Box is a unique and innovative approach to quality sustainable living that is quick, minimalist, and modern. Configure your community, vacation spot or retreat centre around the need for privacy and togetherness in balance. 


We take the approach that’s breaking down barriers and fast-tracking the process to owning a sustainable designed building. Because we believe great design shouldn’t be a privilege, but a pleasure for everyone to enjoy.


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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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Quality Architecture

Voce builds them humbly,
Vereco makes them Smart Green.

Our goal with the Smart Green Humble Home is to create homes that are compact in design, attractive inside and out,

and customizable to suit your design style.


We understand the importance of providing energy efficient housing options that are affordable, practical, 

and accessible to everyone.


SGHH 03 The Modified Casta


Smart Green Features

These Smart Green Humble Homes are equipped with energy star appliances, LED lights, and roofs that are solar panel ready.

With a superior building envelope, these homes are super insulated, and extremely air tight.

With Vereco's high level Passive House energy modelling, we can show you just how much money you will be saving in energy costs compared to a standard constructed home.

Have peace of mind knowing your home can be moved in case of an environmental emergency, or if you just simply found a better plot of land to settle into. 

The Smart Green Humble Home has you covered. 

Ready to get into a home that was designed with flexibility and energy efficiency?
The journey to your
Smart Green Humble Home begins here.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect it?

What are the benefits of building with SIPs? 

SIPs contribute to energy efficiency because they have very few thermal bridges compared to stick-framed walls. They are less drafty, use less energy, significantly lower energy bills, and reduced CO2 emissions. SIPs are also stronger and quieter than stick-framed walls. Building with SIPs makes construction quick and easy, and come in standard sizes to eliminate waste from cutting materials to custom sized-walls


What does it sit on?






Can I buy just one?


these were designed for construction in clusters, but if you only want one, you can have just one. 

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