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What we stand for

Vereco was founded on the belief energy efficient buildings can be comfortable, attractive, and most importantly - affordable. We call this smart green. Founded in 2009, our mission is to help Canadians into smart green living spaces. 

Our Core Values
Commitment to the Environment: We believe that Smart (economical) Green (environmentally friendly) Homes will make the world a better place.

Service Excellence: We serve our clients with pride. We deliver quality work. We strive to continually exceed expectations.

Integrity: We are consistently honest and truthful.

Reliability: We make commitments and we keep them.

Respect: We treat all of our stakeholders, our clients, our people, and our suppliers with respect.

Innovation: We find new and creative ideas.

Partnership: We partner with all of our stakeholders to understand their needs and develop win-win solutions.

Fun: We have fun and we are fun to work with.

Fees: We receive fair and reasonable fees that reflect the value of the services provided.​
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