Energy Efficient l  Passive Solar l   Sustainable 

What We Do: Passive House, Net Zero, Smart Green Homes 

Our Process:

Concept  l  Design  l Build

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Our Mission:

To provide all Canadians access to high quality, healthy, energy efficient designed homes that will last generations to come. 

Quality: Our building envelope (bones of the building) are designed with longevity, air tightness, and superior insulation in mind. It's main job is to keep the heat in and the cold out during the winter months and in the summer to maintain a comfortable 20 degrees inside. 

Health: Our homes are extremely healthy buildings, through their mechanical systems (lungs of the building) they promote a high level of indoor air quality. Promoting a greater life span for everyone who calls the building 'home.'

Sustainability: Through our energy modelling we achieve a sustainable balance between energy consumption

vs energy output (solar) and energy costs vs energy savings. This is what we call our Smart Green Design. The goal is to have the building run as optimal as it can, while still making economic sense within your budget, and hitting the design aesthetic you are wanting to achieve. 

Smart Green Design Process

We take you through the entire process of building your home. Starting  right from the initial concept discussion, to giving you the keys to your dream home.

One that is built with the latest energy saving technologies. Providing you with a home that meets all of your needs, saves you money on energy costs, and is extremely

comfortable to live in.

How We're Different 

  • Vereco Homes on average are
    50% + better than NBC Energy Code.

  • Better for the environment by limiting your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Built to last you a lifetime

  • Greater indoor air quality 

We like to call ourselves the owner's guide,

we are here to represent your needs and it's our job to make sure they are being met throughout the entire build process. 

We know how important your home is to you, which is why we make sure we are working with the most educated and qualified people to build it for you. These are who we call our Vereco Licensed Builders. 

Learn more about our process here 

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